Class 2 Road Base

RAMCO has been a trusted source for road construction materials in southern California since 1947. Class 2 Road Base is one of the many materials you can purchase from us, so call and order from one of our locations the next time you need any Class 2 Road Base for your construction projects.

What is Class 2 Aggregate Road Base?

Class 2 Road Base consists of aggregate crushed hard rock, asphalt, and concrete. This aggregate base has pieces no bigger than 20 millimeters (¾ inches) in diameter. Even fine dust from the crushed rocks gets incorporated into the Class 2 Road Base. All of the base rock we make is a specifically formulated mixture of aggregate rock materials that, when compacted, will create a stable foundation under road surfaces. It usually contains freshly quarried rock and may also have gravel or recycled concrete, but all of the Class 2 Base Rock we provide meets Caltrans specifications.

Uses for Class 2 Aggregate Road Base

Class 2 Aggregate Base is ideal for constructing highways, parking lots, airport runways, driveways, sidewalks, and footpaths. As it says in the name, Class 2 Base Rock is used as a base underneath roads. Another everyday use for Class 2 Road base is as a subsurface for artificial grass installations. All class 2 base is highly compactable and has properties that allow water to disperse and drain, protecting the surfaces from eroding prematurely.

Let us know whenever you need to fill an order for the class 2 road base. RAMCO is here to help you quickly source your construction materials in Southern California.