How Recycled Concrete is Changing the Game

How Recycled Concrete is Changing the Game

How Recycled Concrete is Changing the Game

Road construction companies work with multiple materials throughout the jobs they do. Whether you use asphalt or concrete, the hope is for the result to be a road that is safe, stable, and durable that will allow travelers to get from point A to point B. Of course, where the material you’re using comes from can make a difference, especially about recycled concrete.

A Cleaner Product

One of the concerns and drawbacks to recycled concrete is that it contains steel and other contaminants that you must remove before being reused at the beginning of the recycling process. In the past, this required a lot more manual labor. Fortunately, technology advancements in processing equipment facilitate the removal of such things with less manual work required. Besides, when proper processes are followed, contaminants making it through into the final product is far rarer.

Reduced Costs

The most valuable benefit to recycled concrete is its capacity to reduce costs incurred by a road construction company. Because the price for recycled crushed concrete is typically less than what you would be charged for new concrete, continuing the recycling cycle helps keep the cost of materials down. Additionally, recycling crushed concrete yourself means you have the option to reuse it as aggregate for future projects. Reusing materials cuts down further on costs since you won’t have as much that you’ll need to purchase.

Greener Practices

Arguably the most obvious benefit to recycled concrete is how it allows road construction companies to participate in more eco-friendly construction practices. Concrete takes up a ton of room in landfills when it gets dumped. Depending on the condition of the concrete and its pH levels, some disposal sites might not even take it. Recycling crushed concrete keeps it out of landfills, slowing the rate at which they become full. It also helps lower the toll on the environment caused by the creation of new concrete and the pollution that results from transporting it.

Maintaining the Standard of Quality

If you haven’t worked with recycled crushed concrete much, you might wonder about how recycled materials hold up in terms of quality. The good news is that it has been shown to perform par with newer, more conventionally produced concrete.

One five-year-long study compared recycled and conventional concrete used each for a building foundation and a city sidewalk side by side. At the end of the study, it was determined that the recycled concrete held up at least as well, if not better in some areas, than the brand new concrete.

As long as the recycled concrete is the quality, there is no need to worry about the quality of the final result being compromised because you used recycled concrete.

If your road construction company works with concrete for any project and isn’t taking advantage of recycled concrete, you need to start. Recycled concrete is cleaner than ever, offering reduced costs and greener practices, all while maintaining the standard of quality expected from your work. Recycled concrete can be a game-changer if only you’re willing to take advantage of everything it has to offer.